Tutorial action plan

Since February 2010, our Faculty of the University of Cádiz (UCA) begins to design a Tutorial Action Project, motivated, fundamentally, because of the introduction of eight new degrees that began to be taught in the 2010/2011 course. The need to have an organized Tutorial Action Project (Plan de Acción Tutorial, PAT), that will guide the tutorial tasks of our teachers, is expressed in the adaptation of the ‘Orientation and Student Support Programme (Programa de Orientación y Apoyo PROA)’ of the Quality Guarantee System of our center, that accomplishes with the RD 1393/2007 related to this academic issue.

This project starts during the 2011/2012 academic year with a tutorial programme called ‘Tumentor Project’, with the addition of another tutorial programme between equals, called ‘Compañero Project’. Both programmes focus in reception, orientation, support tasks (reinforcement, term, promotion or disability) and monitoring of students, and they have as an essential goal the integration of the student in the university world, using a system based on information and advice that goes throughout their whole university degree.

Our Faculty’s PAT favours the academic excellence with a reflection in the learning process (detection of deficiencies, application of strategies and development of autonomous learning), curricular advice and professional orientation.